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What is a Private Blog Network? Types and Features of PBNs

A PBN is a private blog network of websites created to promote the company’s main website. The main site is reached by downloading intermediate links from these websites. They can be employed in highly competitive categories where acquiring good, affordable links is challenging. They are used for internet shops, services, and e-commerce. PBN provides a significant increase in visibility and improved positions in the search engine rankings. 3-4 satellite sites are part of the network. The network must be hidden so that it is not detected by search engine algorithms.

Benefits and Drawbacks

links to main site

The major benefits of PBN include:

  • the ability to adjust the configuration of content and links
  • control over the thematicity of donors
  • control over links from satellites
  • access to search engine metrics
  • good weight transfer to the promoted site.

A private satellite network does have certain drawbacks, though. Building such a network is a complex process that requires expertise and time. Additionally, there is a significant chance of being penalized by search engines. It’s a costly procedure that calls for significant hosting, domain, design, and content expenses. 

Types of PBNs 

The main types of private networking include:

  • Social networking is one of the key categories of private networking. It is created on platforms such as WordPress. Highly efficient in optimizing low-competitive niches. To use PBN, you must create a site using a free website builder, complete a profile, put together a semantic core, add content, and provide links to the main site. 
  • A restored PBN. This is when the sites are restored from a web archive. This is not the most reliable method, because the resource may be filtered by search engines.
  • Niche website network. The owners of these websites are selling them. They are relevant to the main site’s theme, have a positive history, and get a lot of traffic. Links from these websites will carry additional weight. The niche network is the most successful of the three.

PBN Detection


You must abide by the following guidelines to detect PBNs:

– Specialized tools are used to find websites with identical IP addresses.

– Domains’ WHOIS information from link profiles is verified and the sites’ NS in backlinks is looked into.

– If a match is found, the sites should be examined because the PBN is indicated by a single design pattern.

– There is no “Contacts” section or information about an internet resource on a PBN site, but there are links to the same site.

– The site is a satellite site from PBN because it has short, illogical texts along with repetitive graphics and videos.

– The backlink profile of questionable sites is checked using Majestic or Ahrefs.

Pumping Content 

Site-satellite can be filled with content. Both text materials and images, videos, products, etc. are used. The content of a PBN site should be relevant to the overall topic. For instance, you may use content about a browser game for a gaming website. In order to boost the credibility of the website, it is preferable to custom order structured texts that are relevant to the subject of the main site. Use talktotransformer.com or articleforge.com to create generated texts. You should fill out the “Contacts” and “About us” pages for YMYL subjects. You may also list the names of your subject matter experts on the website.

Working with PBN 

You must abide by a few criteria when dealing with PBNs: 

– Give your sites original names.

– It is advised to use various registrars.

– Every website needs its own hosting.

– Sites need to be registered at intervals.

– It is desirable to use different types of CMS-systems on the sites.

– It is not permitted to reuse contact information.

– Using the satellites allows for the filling the sites with various forms of content, with a unique semantic core for each site.

– There are various kinds of meta tags.

– You ought to set various prices for identical goods.

– The use of identical product descriptions is undesirable.

– Links to other network participants are not permitted.

PBN Relevance 

PBN needs to be profitable enough. The potential profitability of the project should be taken into account when building a network. Particular attention should be paid to the analysis of competitors. If competitors do not have PBNs, their use is inefficient. If set up properly, the network ensures effective promotion. However, it’s crucial to make sure that the budget for the network is used as wisely as possible. The effectiveness of the network will be very low if the generated text is of poor quality. Additionally, you should exercise caution while using PBN in the following situations: YMYL-related topics, domains with high registration requirements, and competitors with a strong link profile. If your budget for satellites is insufficient, you should give up the network in favor of alternative promotion strategies. PBN networks are more pertinent for some topics than others, like bitcoin networks.

Domain Selection

domain selection for pbn

 When choosing domains for the PBN, keep in mind the following guidelines: 

– Regional domain sites are the backbone of the network. It’s important to choose your dropped domains carefully. If you have the money, subject domains can be found at auctions.

– It is advised to register drops in the names of trainees at a rate of one name per domain. Different contacts are used for each domain.

– Because drop search providers take a while to be vetted by Google, using them is not advised.

– You should not buy domains that are too old, as they transfer less link weight.

– It is recommended to stretch out the domain registration process for the network over an extended period of time.

– At least 30 drop backlinks are advised. You shouldn’t purchase drops related to prohibited or spammy topics. 

– Purchasing drops with expired registration is preferred.

Design of Satellite Sites

Some businesses create satellite sites without using a distinctive design or micro-markup, using outdated designs from the web archive instead. Such projects are poorly suited for long-term use. To create high-quality satellites, use adaptive design, price tagging, and micro-markup. If the domain ranks well, you can set up a 301 redirect to the main website.


Private PBNs are a powerful tool for marketing your company. You can purchase ready-made sites, restore the domains of reputable resources, or register mini-sites on major portals to create them. However, if the network uses websites with poor content, this technique may be harmful. Networks should always be isolated from analytical systems to avoid raising a red flag with search engines.

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