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👥Client Information

This is a reputable online store selling fireplaces, hearths and fireplace surrounds. The company specializes in supplying high-quality products such as: gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and fireplace accessories.

The company also specializes in custom limestone and marble fireplaces.


Increase in organic traffic by 50% in the Google search engine.

Increase the visibility of the site for 150 promoted search queries.

Increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

💪Work Performed

In the course of the primary technical and commercial audit of the site, the following errors were found:

  • Incorrectly compiled sitemap.xml file
  • Broken pages on the site
  • The usability of the site needs to be improved (no characteristics in the product cards, no filter implemented on the site)
  • Non-optimized catalog structure
  • No internal optimization of the site (meta data, titles, page content).

Developed a promotion strategy

Technical optimization: technical audit of the site, eliminated technical errors (set up basic redirects and broken pages, introduced correct robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, etc.)

Collected the semantic core: manually collected queries of different frequencies, analyzed competitors and expanded the list of search queries, analyzed the frequency and effectiveness of search queries

Created an optimized catalog structure based on the collected semantic core.

Internal optimization: placed unique commercial and informational texts on the site, worked on product pages, worked with the meta data and headings of the target and service sections.

External optimization: analyzed existing link mass, removed low-quality links, purchased quality links, drew up a plan.

Worked on the site usability: added characteristics to product cards, created a filter on category pages, created clickable phones and email, etc.


As a result of the website optimization over 12 months of promotion, we achieved the following results.

    1. Traffic growth

At the initial stage of the promotional works, the website traffic was 4,187 visits per month. By May 2022, the figure rose to 8,817 visits. Thus, over a year of promotion, the site traffic increased by 2.5 times, and in the following months it exceeded 10,000 users.


* Data source – Google Analytics

The following is the dynamics of organic traffic growth for 12 months of promotion.

organic traffic

* Data source – Google Analytics

    1. During the promotion period, there was a constant positive dynamics in the distribution of the promoted search queries.

In 11 months, 17% of the promoted search queries reached Google top 1-3. Initially, this figure was 1%.

The dynamics of query positions in search engines top 1-3

positions in Google

      1. In 11 months, 52% of the promoted search queries reached Google top 10. Initially, this figure was 10%.
        1. The dynamics of query positions in search engines top 1-10

        positions top 10

    During the promotional period in Google:

    semrush keywords

    1. 90% of queries improved their positions in the ranking;
    2. 8% of queries did not change their positions;
    3. 2% of queries worsened their positions.


  1. SEO team
  2. Web developers
  3. Content manager
  4. Copywriter
  5. Project manager