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In 2014, Google introduced the term YMYL (“Your Money or Your Life”). The quality of YMYL sites must meet tight requirements. Sites that do not match the YMYL standards are downgraded by the search algorithm on a regular basis. Making websites Google-compliant has a favorable effect on user and search engine trust. 

What Exactly Is YMYL websites?

The following are the main categories of YMYL:

  • current worldwide events, politics, science, law, social programs, and innovations (sports, entertainment, and casual news are excluded);
  • transactions – online shops, online banking sites; 
  • financial information – investments, taxes, loans, banking, insurance, online shopping, money transfer;
  • medical websites – health, medications and illnesses, diet, and lifestyle
  • legal information – voting, government agencies, and social services;
  • demographic groupings such as race, religion, disability, age, and nationality;
  • other websites – adoption, fitness, and job search.

YMYL pages have strict quality requirements, since the health and safety of users depends on these pages. YMYL pages undergo rigorous testing. If they do not meet the quality requirements, the entire site can be removed from search results.

The E-A-T Principle


When analyzing YMYL sites, the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) concept is applied. It is a collection of measures that are used to assess the quality of a resource.

The following are the key E-A-T criteria:

1. Expertise. Formal and personal expertise are the two basic forms. Formal expertise entails having knowledge that has been validated or authored by experts. When discussing less delicate themes, personal experience might be beneficial. The E-A-T score of authors who share their experiences is not undervalued. To confirm expertise, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Page. It is advised that you include information about the specialist, a real photo, certificates and credentials, and links to social networks, as well as information about the author’s academic degree, position, and accomplishments. It is critical to provide references to scientific research and reliable sources.
  • Authorship. Links to social networks should be included, as well as information on the author’s academic degree, employment, and accomplishments. It is critical to include references to scientific research and reliable sources. Information about the author’s qualifications, a photo of the author, and the date of publishing should all be placed on the site’s pages.
  • The author’s reputation. The more positive evaluations the author receives in social networks and media, the better the page is rated by Google algorithms.

2. Authoritativeness. This is the reputation of the author, content and domain.. It might be influenced by external variables such as links, mentions, and reviews. Participate in industry contests and ratings, send out press releases, and speak at conferences to gain authority.

3. Trustworthiness. Untrustworthy content should be removed to improve trustworthiness. Detailed information on the service and support should be provided. To ensure the security of the information, it should be moved to HTTPS. Fill out the “About” page that explains the site’s purpose and includes information about its founders. Phone number, email address, and company address are all necessary. You should also include a page with documentation and a return policy explanation.

Suggestions for Enhancing Content

On April 5, 2020, Google released the May 2020 Core Update. The algorithm’s main purpose is to make search results more relevant. The method is built using the ratings obtained from the website page analysis. On YMYL pages, as well as other areas such as travel, online businesses, and pet products, more strict criteria are implemented. To boost your search engine rating, you must update your content and make it more relevant.

To build a decent site, you must increase the number of links.

It is necessary to include as many organic links from credible sources as possible. It is advised that a block called “Our Partners” be created and links exchanged with partner sites. You should also choose reputable sites to place links, and you should avoid using garbage directories.

Update the content by adding new paragraphs, removing unneeded material, and rewriting articles. At the same time, you should avoid shallow content, which might cause Google to penalize your site. Before publishing, content should be thoroughly reviewed and formatted.

Medical information, for example, should be authored by medical professionals who are experts in their specialty. It is vital to provide good usability, fill the site with quality material, and optimize loading speed to raise the site’s worth in the eyes of users.

It is advised that you include information about the project, make a page with contacts and a feedback form, and develop widgets with author information to produce a high-quality page.

The following steps are recommended to create a quality page:

  • creating pages with a list of all posts;
  • adding links to authoritative sources; 
  • integrating ratings and comparisons into the article; 
  • working carefully with comments; 
  • fixing adaptivity issues; 
  • removing aggressive advertising; 
  • installing SSL-certificate; 
  • optimizing site performance for CWV metrics; 
  • active implementation of crowd-marketing
  • growing social network communities.

For Freight Services, Use YMYL

Consider the unique aspects of YMYL-optimization for a site dedicated to freight transportation:

  • Online calculator. Both the visitor and the site owner benefit from the availability of an online calculator. With its assistance, the site owner may learn about the visitor’s wants and create the best possible offer.
  • Code for tracking. It’s a good idea to have a field for the tracking number as well as a button to follow the cargo. In the eyes of the user, this will boost the company’s trustworthiness.
  • Freight insurance. A block containing information regarding freight insurance should be added.This information may be included as a block on any page or as a standalone page.
  • Blocks of interest. You may develop special interest blocks for different categories of users, such as ordinary visitors, businessmen, and manufacturers.
  • Proper documentation. You should include a list of papers, such as the regulatory framework and customs paperwork. They aid in increasing the site’s authority.
  • Freight packing. You must construct a cargo packing block to ensure the cargo’s safety. You may also select the cost of several packaging options, such as frameless, framed, and wrapping.

You should also include communication blocks such as a contract, a map, and a press center.

Medical Website Promotion

medical worker

To promote medical websites, several guidelines must be followed:

  • thorough texts outlining medical processes – “Indications,” “Complications,” “Symptoms of Disease,” “Methods of Treatment,” and so on; 
  • unique medical material: images, videos, consultations;
  • a separate section with licenses, awards, and certifications; 
  • a full pricing list with services; 
  • favorable reviews on independent platforms; 
  • author and professional articles that have been confirmed by a doctor;
  • a version for visually challenged people;
  • a patient registration form;
  • the medical site’s adherence to Federal Law-152 criteria.


Because YMYL sites are concerned with human health, money, and safety, that is why Google’s search algorithms scrutinize them closely. This employs the E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) notion. A full optimization of the site is required, which involves updating the content, developing new sections, adding external links, enhancing performance, and so on. If the site adheres to the E-A-T idea, it can greatly improve its ranking in search engine results.

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